Privacy and Security Policy

The system is owned by a group of people who can be contacted at the address given in paragraph 7 of this Policy.

We are strongly committed to protecting our users’ privacy while interacting with our content and services. As we want to provide a safe and secure environment for the users, we present our Privacy and Security Policy (POP) below, which is an attachment to the Rules and Regulations for using the System.

If the user is registered in the System it means that they have familiarized themselves with the Policy and accepted it along with all changes. We reserve the right to make further changes in POP. If we decide to change the Privacy and Security Policy, all the users will be informed about those changes directly via email or we will post those changes here in the System.

Remember that the POP is strictly applied to our System and not to websites of other companies or organisations to which our System is linked. If the user, by means of links placed in our System, moves on to other websites, the policy of the owner of a given website will be applied then.

If you do not accept our Privacy and Security Policy, please, do not use our System. If you do not accept any of the changes made in the System, please, deregister. However, in such cases we encourage you to contact us before deregistration.

If you accept our Privacy and Security Policy, it means that you agree to have your personal information collected, processed and used by the owner of the System in agreement with the Polish law, especially with the law about personal data protection passed 29th September 1997 - Dz. U. nr 133 poz. 883.

1. Collecting data

Collected data is active and passive. It means that the data is given knowingly by the user through filling in the form on the websites (e.g. while registering) and collected automatically in order to monitor the user’s moves in the System and to compile and create summary statistics.

Among other things we are collecting the following information:

  1. The data given while registering (login, email address) is used to identify the user in the System and enable the user to take full advantage of the System. We do not require the users’ personal data such as names or addresses. All we need is some demographic data (e.g. age, sex, period of holding driving license and the like) which is used to classify the users.
  2. The data given while filling in the forms while using the System (data concerning vehicles, notes, reminders and the like).
  3. The data included in our users’ statements and comments (e.g. name signatures in emails or comments posted on forums, blogs and the like). It is necessary to remember that all the data posted on forums, blogs and the like becomes public. Users can quit from Internet forums, discussion groups or newsletters at any time with no consequences.
  4. The data, which is collected automatically, allows us to assess the number of visitors to our System and identify what parts of the System are accessed most frequently.

2. Use of data

All the above mentioned data together with the information collected during the account registration process and while using the System is used to make the System function as well as to create summary statistics and classify users.

We have our own development and business policy linked to the System (e.g. development of popular facilities, informing about products and services personally (adverts and the like).

In the case of violation of the Rules and Regulations of our System, breaking the law, violation of owner goods and goods of third parties, we can make the user’s personal data available to the appropriate authorities.

We do not sell or pass on the data to any business entities or persons.

3. Use of Cookies

To work properly, our System requires the use of cookies. A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer's hard drive when you visit a website. The cookie enables our System to readily recognize each user and makes our website easier to use on a subsequent visits to the site. Other information stored by the cookie includes website traffic data.

Cookies do not contain personally identifiable information.

Cookies can be used provided the Web browser accepts them and they are not removed from the hard drive. Otherwise, the access to the resources and facilities in our System will be limited or impossible.

4. Communication with the user

The System owner can communicate electronically with our users through their emails to provide our users with information about any changes and news in the System and documents linked to it. This way of communicating can also be used to inform the users about our products and services, surveys, answers to users’ queries and the like. This type of communication is an integral part of the System and cannot be eliminated by a user.

5. Data security

We exercise great care in providing secure transmission of information from your computer to our server. All the data stored on our server is secured properly and backups of the data are made. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure and the security system can be broken. We cannot guarantee 100% data security. There is also a possibility of taking over the data while it is transmitted across the Internet. The security depends to a large extent on our hosting firm.

6. Changes to personal data

Users can change their personal data through filling in the appropriate form in the System ("Profile"). They can also deregister from the System, which means that they stop using the System. The deregistration procedure is initiated by the user through sending us an email with the information about the intention to deregister. The mail must be sent from the mailbox that was given by the user while registering.

7. Contacts

You can contact the System owner through filling the form or by email: