Notebook and related tools in short

Fuel consumption

Are you interested in economic driving technique? Are you concerned about how low temperatures influence your vehicle's fuel consumption? Are you worried with old air fiter? We are too! Notebook is a tool which will help you to measure you vehicle's real fuel consumption.

Service and exploitation

You don't understand why your vehicle has taken up a poor position in the reliability report? Every mechanic in the neighbourhood is your colleague? Maybe your vehicle is a very solid one and the mechanics are cool guys! Notebook is a full history of service and repairs. You can use it to register all the parts changed in your vehicle, the shop you bought the parts at and its' prices. You can note a cost of repairs too.


Vehicle's exploitation costs are not only fuelins and serivices. The costs involve also various charges like insurances, registerations etc. What is the price of your calmness this year and what it was in the previous year? Don't search for receipts and bills! Notebook is a register of all the charges that are related to your vehicle.


Are you sometimes anxious that you have forgotten the term you had to pay for insurance? Are you confused when is the next obligatory vehicle's inspection, when you have changed oil or a distribution belt? You don't have to! Our reminders will always come to you on time! Notebook remembers instead of you and basing on mileage or date it sends a reminder to you.

Communication with other users

Would you like to exchange information and experiences with users that have the same vehicle as yours? Maybe you would like to compare what their costs of exploitation are, where they have their insurances and maybe they know a really good service in your city? Would you like to ask them about something or ask for help in solving a problem with your vehicle? Or you just like to meet with them? Notebook has a system of public notes and thematic discussion boards you can use to talk with other users. Notebook is also connected with our other tool called Guide which is an interactive map you can use to draw a way from one place to another.

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