What is Notebook?

Notebook is an electronic automotive notebook

Notebook is an electronic automotive notebook that helps you to keep your vehicles under control. Thanks to the notes and reminders you won't forget about anything that refers to keeping a vehicle in a good condition. You write down all the facts regarding vehicle's exploitation in an easy way, and then the System starts to automatically inform you about incoming servicing deadlines (e.g. oil change, car inspection), payments (e.g. insurance) and all other ones.

Notebook keeps vehicles' exploitation costs under your control

Thanks to adding notes in a regular manner you have precise information about all your vehicles' related expenses. In any moment you're able to perform analysis of fuel consumption, fuel costs, repairement costs, insurances and all the others you place in the System.

Notebook is your place among other vehicles users

You can share your notes with other users, compare notes (e.g. insurance costs, average consumption). System lets you publish so called public notes, which, thanks to tagging function, build broad information database about automotive topics (e.g. about recommended car services, new radars etc.)

Notebook is an continously evolving system which is always open on new ideas

Notebook is still evaluating. It means that Notebook's functions list is always open. You can change it by sending an email to us: admin@moto-notes.com or by discussing it on our board.